The Energy Savings Measurement Guide (ESMG) version 2.0 is a technical document developed to help corporations estimate, measure, evaluate and track energy efficiency savings as part of the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Program, which is administered by the Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

The EEO Program encourages Australia’s largest energy-using businesses to increase their energy efficiency by improving the identification, evaluation and resulting implementation of cost-effective energy-saving opportunities. Participation in the program is mandatory for corporations that use more than 0.5 petajoules (PJ) of energy per year.1 These corporations are required to undertake a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of their energy use and identify energy efficiency opportunities with a simple payback period up to four years. Corporations involved are required to publicly report on the results of their energy assessments and the identified energy efficiency opportunities.

This guide may be used by any corporation, registered or otherwise, seeking to improve the accuracy of their energy savings estimates and measurements. Specifically, the guide will help corporations to:

  • use energy baselines and energy-mass balances to estimate and measure energy savings
  • identify the financial value of wider business benefits from energy efficiency projects
  • determine the accuracy range for energy and financial savings forecasts
  • estimate the simple payback period for energy efficiency opportunities
  • develop reliable energy and financial savings forecasts for company decision-makers.
Australian Government, Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism
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