In September 2012, the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism hosted Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) workshops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. In addition to program updates from the Department, thirty company representatives shared their experiences in conducting EEO assessments and preparing Assessment Plans for the second five-year assessment cycle.

A consistent theme across all presentations from industry was that organisations have learned a lot from conducting assessments in the first five-year cycle. Many presenters reinforced the benefits of good planning, involving the right people in energy efficiency and adopting a progressive approach to data analysis. New processes have been developed to improve the likelihood of obtaining funding and support for energy efficiency projects from internal and external sources. While preparing for the second program cycle, companies are reflecting on their experiences and applying what they have learned towards future assessments.

Likewise, government presenters made the point that systems and processes developed in the first five-year cycle should assist companies to more effectively undertake assessments in the second cycle. They encouraged companies to develop their Assessment Plans based upon their existing corporate business practices while offering ongoing assistance from the EEO Program's Industry Support Officers (ISOs).

The aim of this document is to share some of the key lessons discussed in the industry presentations at the workshops.

Australian Government, Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism
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