Dispelling the Myths: Pattern Approved Electricity Meters

Friday, November 15, 2013

CETA conducted an extremely successful webinar this week in an effort dispel some of the myths and confusion that exists around Pattern Approved Electricity Meters.  Well in excess of 300 people registered for the Webinar, which appears to indicate a limited understanding by various stakeholders as to what Pattern Approval means. Formal feedback indicated that this Webinar topic and format was very well received.

Many of the questions posed by the webinar participants centred around the same topics, e.g.

  • What is Grandfathering?
  • When can Grandfathered meters be used?
  • Where can non-Pattern Approved Electricity Meters be used?
  • What is a Pattern Approved Electricity Meter used for?
  • What does “For Trade” mean?

An article listing all of the questions and answers that were relevant to the topic has been been posted on the CETA website. CETA has a range of Grandfathered and Pattern Approved electricity meters including EDMI Mk10AEDMI Mk10E, EDMI Mk6E and EDMI Mk7.

Dispelling the Myths of Pattern Approval in Australia

Confused abvout the new legislation regarding Pattern Approval, how does it impact your projects?

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