BACnet Compatible Multifunction Meter


  • Real-time energy consumption monitoring
  • Locating potential energy wastage
  • Effective energy usage optimization
  • Demand reduction
  • Cost allocation

About the PMC-53A BACnet Compatible Multifunction Meter for
Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

PMC-53A Bacnet is a cost-effective and versatile power and energy meter for the building automation market that requires the BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2 or Modbus RTU protocol. The PMC-53A provides seamless integration of electrical measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, power factor, harmonics, etc. with almost any BEMS.


  • BACnet MS/TP, Metasys N2 and Modbus RTU
  • Panel Meter: 96x96x88mm (92x92mm Cutout)
  • 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W & 3P4W configurations
  • VLN/VLL: 120/208, 277/480, 347/600 & 400/690 VAC
  • PQ measurements
  • Universal power supply, 95-250 VAC/DC

Outstanding Warranty

Three Year Warranty. A warranty reflects the quality of a product. CET provides Industrial grade products that are Tropicalized for use within humid environments. Unlike many other vendors whose products have limited warranties or products that are not built to last, CET products are rugged and have the warranty to match.


 Electrical, Power and Energy Power Quality
VLN, VLL per phase and Average THD, TOHD, TEHD and Individual Harmonics up to 31st
Current per phase and Average with calculated Neutral TDD, K-Factor, Crest Factor and Displacement P.F.
kW, kvar, kVA, P.F. per phase and Total U and I Unbalance and Phase Angles
kWh, kvarh Import/Export/Net/Total, kVAh Total & kvarh Q1-Q4 Fundamental kW per Phase
Frequency Total Fundamental kW & Total Harmonic kW
Optional I4 measurement  
PMC 53A BACnet Compatible Multifunction Meter

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