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Static Heat or Cooling Meter


  • The 2WR6 is a ready to build in heat meter for heat consumption measurement in flats as well as for cooling applications. It is not appropriate for systems with water-glycol mixtures.


The 2WR6 ULTRAHEAT XS is an exceptional meter for measurement of flow and energy in a heat or cold exchanger circuit with water using the ultrasonic principle. 

Heat meter design

The heat meter comprises a calculator, a flow measuring part and two temperature sensors. These components are affixed with each other by cables.


EN 1434 class 3, PTB and in many European countries. Class 2 on request, dependent from the country.


  • Non-wearing due to non-moving parts
  • Measuring range of flow 1:100 acc. to EN1434, 1:500 total range
  • Any mounting orientation, mounting in return or in flow
  • No settling sections or flow straighteners
  • Yearly set day
  • 15 monthly values
  • Battery operated up to 11 years (24V AC/DC external supply as special version)
  • Optical interface acc. to IEC870 (M-bus)
  • Option: pulse output
  • Option: M-bus
  • Self-diagnostics

Technical Data

Parameters Value
Installation In return, optional also in flow
Control cable length 1m between measuring tube and calculator Temperature range
Temperature difference range ΔΘ 3 to 80 K
Switch-off limit 0.2 K
Heat coefficient Sliding compensation
Δt measurement error without sensor (EN 1434) ±(0,5 + ΔΘmin/ΔΘ%, max. 1,5% at ΔΘ=3K
Ambient temperature 5 to 55 °C
Storage temperature -20 to 60°C
Protection class IP54
Dimensions 112 x 88 mm2

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